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Subject: hot or hot?!?
Replies: 8 Views: 1948

baz21uk 23.05.10 - 11:23am
gawjus pix abz huni u look awesome lol x

will0909 10.06.10 - 08:35pm
Absolutely stunning pix babes, made an old man very happy lol xx more plse ;) *

eddie33 29.07.10 - 12:37am
mmm hot hot and hotter makes me wish i woz young lol x babe x x *

russ78 7.08.10 - 07:04pm
looking gorgeous babe x *

judged 29.08.10 - 11:00pm
Abi to put it simply ur lush babes, nd tho these guyz aint sed it... I'd love to hav you :) *

bethxx 13.01.11 - 08:59am
Hi abi, don't know if you like girls too, if you do, contact me. I think you're gorgeous, I would love to have you naked on my bed! Xx *

jbj1 14.03.11 - 06:14pm
More pix and vids plz;-) *

newlodge 20.05.11 - 09:33am
by heck i will defuse them afgan bombs with a smile on my face x *

nob831 5.01.18 - 10:45pm
This is just a creepy site *

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